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"Images in Ice is eager to cater to your unspoken needs."


Single Block Sculpture - $180 - $260*

A single block of ice measures 20x40x10 inches. This package includes professional setup and a 2x2 ft. drip pan.

One and one half Block Sculptures - $225 - $325*

This package includes professional setup and a 2x2 ft. drip pan.

Double Block Sculpture - $325 - $425*

A double block of ice measures 20x40x20 or 40x40x10 inches. This package includes professional setup and a 2x2 ft. drip pan.

Company Logos - $200 - $375*

We can recreate any logo as an ice sculpture.

Freezer Drops - $170

A single block sculpture is delivered to your freezer at a pre-determined date.

Individual Table Centerpieces $40 - $80*

Demonstrations and Seminars

Demonstrations and seminars are available for chefs, schools, organizations and clubs. Prices vary.

*Price range varies according to individual details.


We can work from any design. But here is a list of sculpture we do on a regular basis with links to some examples.

Single Block Sculpture Repertoire
1/2 block square tray 1 block Clam Shell 1 block Ship's Anchor
1/2 block tall angle caviar tray Jumping Swordfish Lighthouse
Roman Style Vase Sea Horse Neptune with His Trident
Mermaid Tropical Fish and Coral Scene Mother and Baby Penguins on an Iceberg
Jumping Dolphin Two Salmon Jumping Upstream Tall Ship
Sea Gull Standing on Three Posts Swan Flower Basket
Interlocking Hearts Swan on a Heart Clatter Ring
Cupid Playing a Harp Ribbon Draped Heart and Bells Simple Flower Vase
Academy Award "Oscar" Heart with Wedding Bells Love Birds on a Heart
Fancy Vase Wedding Hot Air Balloon Any Number on a Base
Company Logo on a Base Standing Eagle Ice Cream Bar
Chinese Junk Boat Elegant woman Holding A Vase Sailboat
Fancy Harp 2 Penquins Antique Car



One and one half Block Sculpture Repertoire
Elegant Picture Frame with a photo of the Bride and Groom
One and 1/2 block Clamshell with Lid Tall Ship
Fisherman At The Wheel Tiered Tray with Trident
Elegant Fountain with Flowers Basket With Love Birds
Champagne / Wine Rack Cupid With Bow
Pegasus Pirate Duck In Flight
Antique Ford Truck Eiffel Tower
Large Company Logo on a Base Landing Eagle
Masks of Drama River Boat
Round Tiered Tray Love Birds on Fancy Basket



Double Block Sculpture Repertoire
Spinner Dolphins Kissing Dolphins
Cinderella's Coach Large Interlocking Hearts
Kissing Swans Bride and Groom
Dragon Dancing Swans
Two block Company Logo Cherubs Holding Hearts



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