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Images In Ice


IMAGES IN ICE offers demonstrations revealing the skills, tools and creative process used to develop Ice Sculptures.
Seminars are usually attended by people interested in learning the ice sculpting craft.
To discuss and schedule a demonstration or seminar, contact Images In Ice by phone or e-mail.


These photos were taken at two demonstrations at The Museum of Science (Boston) - February, 1999. Craig and Elizabeth McConnell did two one hour shows with approximately 600 people attending that evening. The theme: Alaska
[Image 001] For this one hour demonstration under hot stage lighting, Craig has already done most of the work, and will demonstrate the detailing and finishing of the sculptures.
[Image 002]
Elizabeth McConnell narrates a brief history of Ice Sculpting from the lecturn.
[Image 003]
Craig explains that designing and detailing ice sculptures must include consideration for stabilization and form during all stages of melting.
[Image 004] Craig uses a power die-grinder to detail the wings of the eagle.
[Image 005] Power tools are used many times in warm settings for detailing with speed.
[Image 006] A large 'V' chisel is used to mark areas to be detailed.
[Image 007] More detailing with the power die-grinder.
[Image 008] A large flat chisel is used to take away excess ice from the back of the sculpture.
[Image 009] A frontal view of a silhouette cut out, when completed will be an Orca jumping on a wave.
[Image 010] Craig marks the curve inward of the whale's tail. Excess ice will be carved away.
[Image 011] Craig answers questions asked by some of the many children in attendance.
[Image 012] Craig gives advice to another aspiring Ice Sculptor.


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