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Holiday Sculptures

"Images in Ice is eager to cater to your unspoken needs."


Click on the images to view full size.
Valentine's Day
Single block Cupid holding a heart Single block Cupid holding a heart
Click on image to view actual size [ Image - Easter Egg with embedded flowers ] One block Happy Easter Egg with flowers suspended in the ice. Easter, 2003
Single block Easter Banner
[Image - Easter Bunny with Easter Basket] Single block Easter Bunny with Easter Basket
[Single block Fancy Basket With Flowers] Single block Fancy Basket with Flowers
Mother's Day
[Image - Mother's Day Heart] Single block Mothers Day Heart with Snowfill Writing
Single block Holiday Single block Mother and Baby Giraffe
[Image - One & 1/2 Block Swan with Snow Fill Writing] One and ½ block Swan with Snow Fill Writing
{Image - Jack-O-Lantern] Single block Jack O'Lantern
{Image - Witch] Single block Witch
{Image - Crystal Ball (Gypsie Princess not included)] Single block Crystal Ball
[Image - Gothic Winged Dragon] Single block Gothic Winged Dragon
[Image - Happy Gargoyle] Single block Happy Gargoyle
[Image - Frankenstein's Monster] One and ½ block Frankenstein's Monster
Thanksgiving Day
[Image - Cornucopia] Single block Cornucopia
[Image - Penquin with North Pole Sign] Single block Penguin Going North
[Image - Christmas Teddy Bear] Single block Christmas Teddy Bear
[Image - Three Wise Men] Single block Three Wise Men
[Image - Reindeer] Single block Reindeer
[Image - Large Snowflake] Single block Large Snowflake
[Image - Snow Flake Tower] Single block Snowflake Tower
[Image - Elf with Lantern] Double block Elf with Lantern
New Years Eve
[Image - 2000 on a clock] One and ½ block Clock Striking Midnight
[Image - Comic Baby New Year] One and ½ block Baby New Year
[Image - New Year's Eve Shooting Star - 2001] One and ½ block New Year's Eve Shooting Star
[Image - New Year's Eve Grand Piano] Double block New Year's Eve Grand Piano
[Image - New Year's Eve Pocketwatch] Double block New Year's Eve Pocket Watch
[Image - Large New Years Eve Clock] Double block Clock Striking Twelve



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