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Functional Sculptures

"Images in Ice is eager to cater to your unspoken needs."


Images in Ice has added a new line of ice bowls. They are great for serving seafood, salads, fruits, punches and other beverages. We would be happy to create custom bowls at your request. Please call for price quotes and quantity discounts.
Click on the images to view full size.
[Image - Clear Ice Bowl] Clear Ice Bowl
[Image - Spiral Etched Punch Bowl] Spiral Etched Ice Bowl
Seasonal Ice Bowls
[IMAGE - Ice Bowl with embedded Roses] Summer:
Rose Ice Bowl
[IMAGE - Ice Bowl with embedded Sunflowers] Fall:
Sunflower Ice Bowl
[IMAGE - Ice Bowl w/ embedded Poinsettia] Winter:
Poinsettia Ice Bowl
Coming soon!


Click on the images to view full size.
Single block Carvings
[Image - St. Patrick's Day Theme Custom Luge ] Single block St. Patrick's Day Theme Custom Luge 2003.
[Image - Baseball Glove Tray] Single block Baseball Glove Tray
[Image - 80th Birthday Party Centerpiece Single block Eightieth Birthday Party Centerpiece with Ice Stair Base that holds shrimp cocktail.
[Image - Tiered Ice Bar] Single block Tiered Ice Bar
[Image - Long Raw Bar] Single block Long Raw Bar
One and ½ Block Carvings
[Image- Etched Martini Glass] One and ½ block Etched Martini Glass
[Image - Ice Liquor Dispencers] One and ½ block Ice glass liquor dispencer
[Image - Piano Bar] One and ½ block Piano Bar
Click on image to view full size [Image - Tiered Tray with Trident] One and ½ block Tiered Tray with Trident
Click on image to view full size [Image - One and a half block Round Tiered Tray] One and ½ block Round Tiered Tray
Two Block Carvings
[Image - Custom Surfboard Luges ] Two block Custom Surfboard Luges, Summer, 2002.
[Image - Parrot on Barrel] Two block Parrot on Liquor dispensing Barrel
Two and ½ Block Carvings
[Image - Lighthouse with Lobsterboats] Two and ½ block Lighthouse on cliff with lobster boats
Three and ½ Block Carvings
[Image - Bridge at Rialto] Three and ½ block Bridge at Rialto
Six Block Carvings
[Image - Voo Doo Lounge theme Ice Bar] Six block Voo Doo Lounge Theme Ice Bar with Voo Doo Mask Shot Luge
[Image - Irish Theme Ice Bar] Six block Irish Theme Tabletop Ice Bar with Mountain Scene Back Bar


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